welcome to dream cloudz

welcome to dream cloudz, a little cozy cloud on the web created and operated by me jonathan. i'm a graphic designer and artist, and i got my start with dollz and really extra graphics as a kid, and when i found neocities, i just felt like creating things again :) so here you'll find artwork i've made and a few resources and graphics for yourself. i hope you enjoy this lil bit of nostalgia

new layout!

date: 6/9/23 ~ listening to: SZA - Shirt

heeeeeey i've been so terrible at keeping up with this site lolol. i've still been around and checking in on it but i haven't been doing anything content wise hehe. i did make this layout though! i felt like it was needed to get me back into the groove of things. if i'm 100% honest i made this layout a month ago and i've just been meaning to get all the pieces of it together haha. i rly love the vibes and colors of this, i always want to keep the colors really dreamy when making a layout. trying to stay on brand haha.
anyways, my plan for content is to make some really cool graphics that you can actually use in your life, like fun pixellated phone bgs or fun pixel avatars that you can use on profiles/collectables for your own site. phone bgs is a top priority though because i want some myself hahaha. let me know what you want to see though! i'm also going to dress up some more dolls, that always takes me back while i'm making them :) enjoy the new layout!!!


date: 4/14/23 ~ listening to: banks - meteorite

hellooo!! it's been a minute since i've been on. but i've been lurking/commenting around so i'm still here hahaha. i've been swamped in schoolwork for the past few weeks because it's the end of the semester. i've literally got a week and a half left and there's just so. much work. i want to make a lot of fun things during the summer and have fun building this site. i've hd fun getting back into things :) i did add a gifts page because the lovely karla from silent devotion made me such a cute gift! i'll post it below :) other than that, comment in the tagboard what you want to see here! i have a few ideas of what i want to make but i need more haha. ttyl!!!!!
from Karla @ Silent Devotion! <3

hosting website!!

date: 4/3/23 ~ listening to: very delta podcast :)

i created a hosting site for dreamcloudz! i decided along with the shared hosting that i got from namecheap, i would also allow subdomain hosting to make my own little dream cloudz community. I've been working on that site for the past few days and making sure that everything works right. So go check it out and if you're interested in having a website apply!!

host change!!

date: 3/29/23 ~ music: stay long - summer walker feat sza

that didn't last long lol. sorry if there was a light down time for the site. i was having issues on my end making my pages load and other things load on neocities.. so i left and got hosting on namecheap and honestly i've already noticed such a big difference :') so i'm sorry if the site was down for a min/looking funny. all should be good to go now!!

welcome to the grand opening!

date: 3/27/23 ~ music: crazy - doechii

Welcome to the grand opening of Dream Cloudz!! I've had everything good to go for a while but I didn't want to open without absolutely any content lol. I wasn't initially planning to have any dollz on the site because i was having a problem getting my browser to screenshot them clearly, but i found a way to make it work! So there's a good bit of dolls made by me that's ready for you to use. I did make them in 144dpi so you have to open them up individually and then copy them over to the document you're working on but they're all good! I'll make them in 72dpi in the future, i just think photoshop was set to 144 while i was making them and i didn't change them. i've got some graphics and resources for you to use, i want to make sure that my resources and graphics are actually something fun and exciting to use. i don't want to be making shit just to make shit haha. however, enjoy and i hope that you enjoy the website!!
since there isn't a whole lot of content yet and sometimes i'm unsure of what to make hehe, let me know in the cbox what you want to see!

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